Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Looking On The Bright Side of

Road Crash Facts You Need to Know

The number of road accidents has almost doubled over the past decade. Globally, the number of people whose lives have been claimed by road accidents has risen tremendously. The accidents have a correlated huge value of economic loss. With these shocking details in the public domain, it is important that people be more cautious on the roads. A deliberate effort by all road users to stay safe on the roads would work miraculously in saving more lives from being lost on the roads. Below is a brief highlight about road carnage details you need to be armed with.
One of the shocking information is that over 1.25 million lives are lost on the roads every year. This number includes both drivers and other road users. Such information shows that all are at risk of falling a victim of road carnage. As a result, it implies that all road users should take a deliberate effort to uphold road safety and careful use of the road. For example, drivers should be more careful when making sudden turns or when crossing the road to help them save the lives of others.
Another fact is that many people lose their lives on the roads due to drunk driving. A huge number of road carnage can be directly attributed to drunk driving. This shows how the use of alcohol is harmful to the lives of road users. Driving while drunk poses high chances of committing accidents as one’s judgment are impaired by alcohol consumption. Drivers should be personally convinced of the fact that they need to be sober every time they are behind the wheel. There should also be hefty fines and heavy repercussions of being caught drunk driving so that people can refrain from the act.
Moreover, it has been established that one in every seven people don’t wear a seatbelt while driving. Failure to wear seatbelts has claimed a significant number of drivers. Whenever you are in a moving car, your body is certainly moving at the speed of the car. In the event that the car gets involved in an accident that causes it to stop, your body will be thrown out of the car due to lack of restriction by the seatbelt.
Lastly, it should be noted that deaths in people between ages 15 and 19 are majorly due to road accidents. Teen drivers are the group of drivers who are exposed to more risks on the road. This is because they are less experienced as far as the safety rules and regulations are concerned that can see the stay safe from causing accidents and if you need to get an attorney here if you are involved in such accidents.